I started this blog to practice writing in a public domain, as I follow my dream of being a fiction writer every day of my life.  Oooh, dramatic….

They say when writing you have to be really honest.

In the spirit of the above, please feel comfortable in leaving any comments or suggestions that you think will help me.

Normally there is a disclaimer that any resemblance to characters real or fictitious is totally coincidental.  For me, its not!  I see loadsa people, take little bits from them, and so they end up in stories!  At least I changed their names!

I say “so” and “like” a lot. :^] and other things.  Some things might be rude, or unpleasant in some way, so watch out! If I offend you in some way please let me know.

One of the greatest compliments I ever received was from an english teacher I had in school, who told me she was offended “as a woman” by a story I wrote for her.

I hope, if you read, you enjoy.

If for some strange reason you want to find me in the universe, a good place to start is on twitter @speedodoyle

  1. Hi there! Welcome to A to Z! Stopping by to say hi, and also to let you know that we are doing a Theme Reveal Blogfest, in case you have a theme planned. You can sign up for it here.
    #TeamDamyanti minion

  2. Nezra's Opiate said:

    Happy Writing! Embrace the journey. The nail biting, hair pulling, aggravating, exciting, and heart wrenching journey of write. I hope you find your voice. People write, but haven’t found their voice.

    • Last sentence reads “People write, but also wrong”

  3. W. K. Tucker said:

    in my opinion, if you have offended someone with your writing, you’re headed in the right direction. 😀

  4. W. K. Tucker said:

    HI again! I have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. If you wish to participate, the rules are listed on my blog at http://www.wktucker.com.

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