High Hopes: A Blog Begun

Starting something new is a difficult thing. A part of me wants to be different that what is already out there, do things my own way, whatever comes naturally. Another part (a very vocal one) wants to scan other blogs, suss out the normal layouts, writing styles and content which experienced users employ then use these examples as a scaffolding for my thoughts.

Well as far as researching other blogs goes, thats not going to happen for this blogger, far to many hills to be walked, ditches to be dived and exciting adventures to be had to be glued to my screen trolling blog after blog. Also the idea of being original, unique and un-prepared appeals to me, couple that with youthful confidence and disregard for the experiences of my elder and betters and I have got a fully fledged excuse for being lazy :~)

With a bang Im gone, to return with something exciting!

  1. Tomas said:

    hmmmm… forgot to take Your pills again? 😀

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