If Aliens (extra terrestrial/trans dimensional beings) arrived on earth

The world will change, humanity will change, we will realize that we were fools before.  It will be like looking back on when women weren’t allowed to vote, when slaves were common place, when wars where waged based on colour and creed and when love was denied based on which sex one was born as.

As like this at it will be, it will be equally unlike.  The proffering of the vote to women was inevitable, and while it changed the world, there is still sexism, there is still racism without slavery, there are still wars fought for unreasonable reasons and it would be naive to think that when same sex marriages are legalized there will be an end to homophobia.  The first contact has been thought on, wished for and philosophized for years.  We know what to expect, something different, we know that they will have strange customs, they will be more advanced than us.  They will be different.

As we learn the culture and traditions of these new life forms we will compare them to ours, will we compare favourably?  Undoubtedly no, killing for fun, hating as a way of life, these will be things that any culture will have evolved beyond should they achieve the technological advancements that would be required to transport themselves to our world.  The closest possible habitable system to ours is Gliese 581 g (doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue)  and it is about 20 light years away.  At that, its existence is still up for debate.  If they are coming, they are coming from parts unknown.

What will these strange visitors from a strange planet hope to achieve through visiting Earth?  Will they come to plunder, to educate, or just to visit?  Have they been before?  Are they currently here, living in secret behind human faces, in a hollowed out moon, controlling our actions and development.

I dont know, and maybe no-one does, but I am sure going to keep my eyes and ears open and hope that there is new friends for us to make.

What do you think?

  1. James said:

    Why would you assume that an potential visitors would be so advanced as to not face the same cultural problems as exist here on earth. Consider the first people technologically advanced enough to cross the Atlantic Ocean, they went and killed/took from the native Americans. While ideally we would like to think that the aliens could be peaceful, if they came to visit and not just send a probe of some kind chances they could be coming looking for some resources for heir own planet.

    • I feel that as our technologies have evolved, as have our social standards etc. so thats why! I like to think they would be like our big brothers, or cousins and come mind us or care for us. I guess I have sibling issues…. ;~P

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