Ning Street

I am in an awesome rock band!

Ok, we don’t actually inspire awe as defined by the dictionary, nor do we necessarily play rock music… but we are certainly a band.

And what is a band?  Well, to me it is a group of two or more, that together make or do something which is not possible separately, in this instance that is music.  Sure, I could use modern technology to make all the noises that the other members make, or at least an approximation of each, but I could never replace the individual.  That includes not just the creative spark, the unique angle that each person brings due to their own background musically, but also the personality that they all bring.

In my band there is four personalities.  I am the non-stop talker in the band, always looking for a joke, and this is reflected in what I hope is my jovial bass lines.  We have the strong, driven and decisive Ning on drums, his own musical background very classical, his tastes varied and wide ranging.  My own brother, James is very easy going, very knowledgeable and has great visions for what he wants to do with his chosen instrument, the instrument we all associate with true rock, guitar.  And newest addition, Hayley is quiet, curious and shy by her own admission, but when she comes to the mic and is ready to express herself, nothing can stop her and she sings freely and with great beauty.

As a young music fan, watching the likes of Linkin Park, Sum 41 and other slightly embarrassing 90’s rock gods on Kerrang, nothing could have made me happier than to be in a band, the ultimate dream of course, having a Chinese drummer, the epitome of cool, a girl lead singer, a sure fire winner, and my best friend in the band.  Well, I haven’t got my best friend, but I have the next best thing, my teacher in music, and my big brother.  Who could have known that dreams can come true! I didn’t even try, it just happened, and now I get to spend my days thinking about what music we can make, what great adventures we can have.

  1. Morbid Insanity said:

    I searched a little… Let me see if I am right or wrong: @NingStreet and Is it yours, I mean from your band?

      • Morbid Insanity said:

        Nice! I’ll check it out better on soundcloud to listen to the sound of yours. ^_^

      • Cool, let me know what you think. There is band issues at the moment, so a little unexpected fandom would be most welcome

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