Life of a Raindrop

We consider the raindrop.  From high up the curve of the earth is visible, from the ground, which is rushing at the drop, it will be imperceptible.

Sailing downwards choices are needed to be made.  While the drop is but one, with the group it is in it could become as mighty a force of nature as a typhoon, or could fall to become a flood, wrecking lives, ruining businesses and homes.  But why rush to such finalism, there is so much to experience between secretion from its husky grey origins to eventual congregation on earth.

Will the group of drops be sleet, cold and blustery against wind breakers, or find its way to the much storied “underside of a brolly“.  Ah, the underside of a brolly, a place considered to be a myth up until it was discovered on a windy day.

There is a clamour in the group of drops, a desire expressed to create a mist so as to evenly soak the earth and its inhabitants secretly, going unnoticed until an accidental touch of a jacket reveals its true liquid content.  As in all group conferences there are a few individuals who desire a more central role, those drops whose desire it is to be the first on a picnicking family.

Falling the drop wishes to express itself, but either knows not how, nor has the ability to.


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