On Stage

Waiting in the wings, Davin goes through his final mental preparations before he plays the biggest show of his life.  He has played to larger crowds before, but this is a home crowd.  The pressure to impress is high.  He doesn’t know how many friendly faces and how many old begrudgers will be in the audience.

The guy on stage, a well travelled blues man, finishes up his last song to strong applause and leaves the stage.  He passes Davin and drops him a wink.
“Crowd is steamin’ my man, get out there and rock the place!”
Davin nods and peeks around the curtain.  The crowd is in a transition period, the older lads that had been whooping and cheering at the front of stage for the blues man are moving to the back of the music hall, leaving a slightly empty space in front of the stage.

His manager, Sharon, appears at his elbow.
“You good to go Dav’?”
“I’m a little nervous,” he says, not turning to look at her as he continues to assess the changing crowd, “Home crowd and all that…”
“Look pet, don’t you worry, there gonna love you, sure most of ’em probably already do!” Sharon wasn’t the type to let one of her performers wilt, and she knew Davin’s sensitivities well.
“Don’t let those negative nellies  down the back bother you, there gonna boo if they wanna boo. Don’t forget, they will be going home tonight to dream of the beautiful music made here.  Make sure you are in the dream.  Rock it out babe.”

Davin hadn’t thought anybody would be booing him and he would normally have wilted at the thought, but when a beautiful woman like Sharon calls him babe he is inclined to do her bidding.

He took a deep breath, grabbed his gear and pushed past the curtain onto the stage.  Cheers and applause greeted him as he smiled and waved at the people he saw, and he began to play.

  1. Way to go, Davin! I always feel the most sick just before I step in front of the crowd. Glad he had someone to call him, “babe”.

    • I used to have a woman support me in a similar way that Sharon does here, but found that her over the top friendliness was nearly off putting. Performers sure can be sensitive! Granted, yer one wasn’t near as fine as I think Sharon may be…

  2. A well-placed ‘babe’ can change the world. Thanks for linking up.

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