Craftier than a fox who has just graduated from the Ruse university with a degree in cunning…

‘Twasn’t without craft that he came to be the man he is today.  He guided himself and those around him through every step to allow him to be the man he currently is.

If you weren’t paying close enough attention you might imagine that he was a lucky man, that things just seemed to fall in place for him, or that he was a brilliant man, who achieved great things… That is just not so…

That time he just happened to be the only drummer available when the bands real drummer took ill? Craft.

His discovery a new type of whale? Contrived.

When he deciphered the language of a rare pygmy race living in a cave? Guile.

The world wide coverage of his marriage, and divorce, with the worlds top model?  A sham.

Unprecedented control over the duck community… Okay, well that one was quite an achievement.

Now he sits upon the throne of power, influencing proceedings without much effort.  His days of deep and subtle manoeuvring of the peoples are over.  He is King now, and wants only for the finest grapes in the land, a bed of naked women to comb his flowing locks, and a servant to support his tired ankles

  1. The control over the duck community “quacked” me up 🙂

    Entertaining read…I enjoyed it.

  2. Draug419 said:

    I’m most impressed by the ducks haha Great work!

  3. The voice in this is superb, draws the reader in. Great pace and transitions, too. Loved it. Thanks for linking up! Voting is now open!

    • Haha, actually, I cut the part in the tale where he hoes to space. Felt too much like Forest Gump, but guess it wudda been more Branson-esque then.

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