The Holiday

Cold sea water lapped gently against Kate’s feet, and she exhaled briefly in delight at the cooling it provided.  It was a hot day, and she relished this relief.  It was her first holiday with Mark since her Mother had passed away, and she wanted everything to be perfect.  So far it had been.  The sun was hot, the beach was fine, and the townsfolk where kind and friendly, just what she had hoped for when they had discovered this quaint seaside town, quite by accident.

Mark had walked down the beach, she could see him in the distance, chatting to a man and his small child.  Mark was very much the friendly, outgoing type, he had the envious skill of being able to strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere, about anything.

She looked out to the sea.  This is the kind of holiday her Mother would hate to go on, but would love to hear about.  Her Mother was not the adventurous type, preferring planning and rules in all aspects of her life.  Kate inherited this trait from her Mother, but having Mark with her, she always felt that she could do anything, go anywhere, and she would be safe.  It was this feeling of safety that allowed her to book two weeks off work, load the car up and take to the roads in search of adventure with him.

This town was the second they had landed in, and after two days here she felt like she never wanted to leave.  She was a lover of beer, and the town produced two delicious locally brewed ales, they had craft workshops, thatched cottages, flowered walks and everything a body could want for a relaxing, carefree holiday.

Kate knew that Mark would want to move on eventually, but she hoped that he could be persuaded to stay a few more days.  She looked down the beach to see him walking speedily towards her, and she waited patiently for his hand to take hers.

    • Hmm, is it the use of the word “envious”? Perhaps it carries some negative connotations. Or is it that he will want to leave the place that Kate clearly loves? Or maybe some personal affect of your own?

      • I don’t know. It was definitely that graph that gave me the “uh oh” feeling – I think when Mark was talking further down the beach…

      • Curiouser and curiouser… well, I guess the reader reads what they want to. Glad you found something engaging in it :~)

  1. Ally said:

    Sounds like a lovely place, I want to know what happens next 🙂

    • I remember in an episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a very tedious and boring man was telling a story, and when he left it on an unexpected cliff hanger, he said that the mark of a good story teller is to always have your audience wanting more. I have achieved the level of good story teller so! :~)

  2. sounds like a curious and captivating tale.

  3. atrm61 said:

    Ah,a love story without any twist? :-)Loved it -sometimes good things do happen;-)

  4. steph said:

    I kind of read it the same way Kelly did. It was a very pleasant read, but with an undercurrent of tension, as if there is something about Mark that even the narrator doesn’t yet know. I intend this as a compliment. It does indeed make me want to read on.

    • Agree with Steph – Not a crit – It was a great read that definitely wanted me to read on…

  5. Tara said:

    I really like it. There’s definitely a good story to it. Not sure about the use of the word expected in the first paragraph though, maybe wanted/hoped for, or a word that would reflect that same feeling would be better as I dont think you can have expectations about something you found by accident. I loved it regardless.

  6. I like this, but I’m still undecided if his talking to people further down the beach was innocent, or if he has something up his sleeve.

  7. She’s too content, too happy, too relaxed for Mark not to be some weirdo… or maybe that’s just OUR twisted minds! 😉 An enjoyable read here, thanks for linking up!

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