Blues Brothers

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The bar is clean, the last few stragglers have been cleared out and Finn settles down for a night of drinking with the stranger who had come in earlier that night.

He turns the jukebox up, lays out an ashtray and two whiskeys on the bar.  He wants this guy to feel comfortable.  Finn is rarely comfortable in the company of strangers, but he wants to be.  He feels he can learn to be, and with a bit of luck, this Jack guy can help him onto his path.

The door to the smoking area, where he had seen Jack last go, slowly opens and Jack stumbles in, blood streaming down his face from an open wound in his head.  He is moaning and holding his face with one hand, the other flailing wildly as he searches blindly for help of some sort.

Finn stubs out his half smoked cigarette in the ashtray, slightly burning his fingers in his haste.  He rushes across the empty bar and takes Jacks hand.

“Holy Jesus, Holy Jesus, are you alright man?”

Jack doesn’t respond, but he squeezes Finns hand.  Finn leads him to the closest booth and sits him down.

“I’ll get you some cloth or something.  We’ll get you cleaned up, your gonna be alright, don’t worry.”

Jack nods his head slightly and slumps sideways into the booth, cracking his head off the table and rolling onto the floor underneath.

“Oh fuck, oh Jesus, sorry mate, I’m sorry.”

Finn realizes that this guy is in a state beyond his first aid skills.  He takes out his phone and calls for an ambulance.

“Hello, emergency services.  What is your emergency?”

“My friend, this guy, he is bleeding! I… I… help!”

“Do you require an ambulance sir?”


“What is your address, sir?”

“57 Beaumont Place, it’s O Halorans’ pub.”

“Ok, I have sent an ambulance to you, it will be there shortly. What condition is your friend in?”

“He’s bleeding!”

“Is he concious?”

“No, I… no, I don’t think so. He was bleeding from his head, and then he fell and banged it again.  He’s on the floor.”

“Ok, leave him there and the paramedics will be there soon to help with everything.”

“Ok, thank you, thank you.”

“No problem sir, you done the right thing by calling us.”

“Ok, thank you, good bye.”

Finn hangs up and kneels down next to the unconcious Jack. He puts a hand on his leg.

“Ambulance is on the way, mate. We’ll get you cleaned up, no bother.”



Read the next part of the story here…


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