Friendly Friendship with a Friend who is my Friend

Though at times I have drifted

And found friends new

There are none like him

Or at least, very few.


He has travelled hard

With abandon abound

He calls me upon his return

To see if I am around.


We fight, for sure

We become angry with one another

But we will always share a bond

My friend, my brother.




A poem prompted by

  1. Very sweet poem–thanks for the reason to smile! 🙂

    • Oh, thanks Mizz Walker, now I’m smiling! I’m going to send this poem to the friend in question, and hope he smiles too :~)

  2. Great Poem! 😀
    I tried doing a pingback to it but I had to type it in, so Idk if it’ll show up on your site. Just thought I’d let ya know

    • To be honest I don’t really understand that pingback thing, I may do some investigation… but thanks for the effort! I’m glad you enjoyed it :~)

      • I think it’s to help your blog get more viewers and to let other ppl know what other posts out there are related yours. And to let you know that someone mentions your blog in their post. Something like that at least I think, I’m still new to it all 😛
        Your welcome! 🙂

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