Late Nights

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Working the late shift is always a drag, drunken accidents, difficult patients and general tiredness combining to make for a hard time.  Glen, therefore, is not surprised when he is called to a bar.

He knocks on the door and is greeted by a pale faced man.  The smell of cigarette smoke and beer wafts through the door.

“Are you the paramedics?” the pale faced man says.

“Yes, whats your name, sir?”


“And where is the injured man, Finn?”

“He… he’s just down here, I will show you.”

Glen is led to the back of the bar, where he sees legs protruding from underneath a table in a booth

“Can we get the lights turned up in here, Finn?”

While Finn goes to turn on the lights, Glen puts his hand on the legs. They are unresponsive. He pulls a walkie talkie from his pocket.

“Geoff, this is Glen.”

“Go ahead Glen.”

“Yeah, bring in the trolley, this guy ain’t moving.”

The lights burst on, and Glen feels Finns presence behind him.

Glen reaches under the table and reaches for the bodies arm. He checks his pulse, its not there.

He climbs out from the table.

“Ok, Finn, is it?”

Finn nods

“Ok, your going to have to stand back now, because we are going to take the body out from here.”

“His name is Jack, he told me his name is Jack.”

“Ok, well Jack needs our help, so you need to stand back and let me and my colleague Geoff do our job.”

Finn, clearly distressed goes and sits at the bar, looking over as Geoff comes in with a trolley and parks it beside Glen.

Glen talks quickly with Geoff and Geoff goes under the table.  He comes back out moments later, shaking his head.

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