“Look, somebody has got to make a decision.  Either we keep going, or we let this band die.” Shane will say, looking at the other members of the band.  Kasey, the drummer, will look out the window.   Shane, looking at the side of her face for her moment, will not be able to understand why she can’t speak.  His anger at finding himself in limbo will cloud his vision.  Not much of an empath at the best of times, with his blood up he won’t even be able to see the reasons for his own decisions.

“Hey man, we can’t really make that decision yet.” Ever the voice of reason, Paulie will try to bring calm to the moment.

“Why the hell not?”

“You know why.”  Sheppard, that’s why, that’s what he will mean.  The band, the whole thing, had always been Sheppard’s gig.  Sure, Shane was lead guitar and had crowds lapping up his licks every night, and Paulie came up with some bad-ass bass lines, and Kasey didn’t much care as long as she knew when to stop at the right times, but Sheppard, man, he got it.  He got what it was about, making music for people, making music for himself, making music with others.  He made it work.

“So, what, we gotta wait on his word?  Play to his whim? And what if he says now, yeah lets keep going, who is to say that he wont drop us when he finds something different?  Who is to say he won’t change his mind?”

Paulie will shrug at this, Paulie doesn’t care about the long run, he is enjoying the moment.

Kasey will turn in her set, her eyes wet with tears.

“And would you stop him, Shane? Would tell him no Shep’, don’t follow your dreams, don’t go wherever your talent takes you? Like hell you would.  Quit being so goddamn selfish!” She will bury her face in her hands, not wanting to let the boys see her tears, not wanting to be thought of as the sobbing girl in the corner.

Paulie will look at Shane, not knowing what to do.

The room will be silent, the only sounds will be the steady thrum of drum and guitar coming form the stage as the warm up act finish up their set with a massive fillip.

When the last cymbals crash out and the cheering of the crowd can be heard, Sheppard will walk in, his face spread into a wide and honest smile.

“There is a record exec in the crowd you guys, here to see us! This is our chance, lets nail this frickin’ show!” Sheppard won’t have noticed the bands awkward silence, his mind will be to abuzz with the opportunity that will await them.

The others will follow him out of the green room, and into the backstage area, the decision made for them.  They will follow Sheppard wherever he is able to take them.

  1. I like the story. It took a few reads of the first paragraph to get a feel for the future tense and I agree about the use of “will.” However, I think this tense works for stories that are telling a story that has happened before. In the case of your story, perhaps the band has experienced a similar situation (s) in the past and all their concerns and feelings and experiences are predictable as it’s all happened before (not in a groundhog day sense, but in the sense of how us crazy humans repeat the same behavious again and again). The narrator knows the dance and is predicting each of the character’s reactions. Does that make sense? Anyway, it is an awkward tense, but an interesting one! I appreciate you challenging yourself! TiV

  2. This is the first story I’ve ever read that was wholly writing in the future tense. Although it felt a little unnatural, and I had to read through more than once, I can see the potential in this written tense. Excellent work. I admire your persistence.

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