Faux Pas

It had been a stressful day at the office for Jenny.  She worked at an insurance company, and it was her job to assess the assets and risk potential of prospective customers.  She had spent most of the day working on a particularly difficult customer, who had failed to supply most of the details on the assessment form, but as the account would be worth quite a lot of money, she had had to chase them down for information all day.

When she finally made it home from work, she wanted nothing more than to relax her mind and free it from thought.  So she ran herself a hot bath and climbed into the bubbles, with a bottle of red wine, a pack of cigarettes and her radio set to a local classical radio station.  As the hot water relaxed her body, and the wine loosened her mind, she settled into a soft doze, the music from the radio providing the perfect foil for the comfortable setting she had created.

After a time she felt happy, and had left the day behind her.  She dried her hands with a towel and grabbed her phone and cigarettes from the stand beside the bath.  She opened her Twitter app, and scrolled through her timeline, favouriting funny posts and retweeting a few romantic ones, tapping ash into the bubbles carelessly as she smoked.  Bored with Twitter, she closed the app, and opened her Facebook app.

She dealt with the few notifications she had; tagged in some pictures from her last night out with the girls, a comment on a post she had made yesterday about a movie she had seen, and a few likes on her comments from a political conversation she had with her brother two days ago.  She began scrolling through her timeline, liking a post from one of her old college friends about some travelling they had planned, and sharing a picture of a missing young boy.  She came to a post entitled ‘Fashion Faux Pas: The Do’s and Don’ts of Office Parties.’  She clicked on the link, and it opened on a blogging site.  She scrolled through the pictures, laughing at the ineptitude of some people who didn’t seem to understand what the dress code for an office party might be.

‘Finally,’ the blog read ‘we have what I’m sure you will agree is the biggest faux pas of all! Save those toes for the desert, girl!’ Her finger hung over the image, her face shocked.  The picture was of herself at a work party from two years ago.  It showed her in a beige jumpsuit with maroon wedges.  There was a circle drawn around her crotch, and what looked like a camel toe was clearly visible.  Her fingers slipped and dropped her phone into the bath, the bubbles now somewhat reduced.  She reached for the wine bottle, forgoing the glass and drank deeply.

How she wished she was still in the office.

  1. How embarrassing for Jenny! In our modern days of social media and photo apps, we are all one post away from humiliation. Great work! And I’m seeing a definite improvement in your writing. Imagine where we will all be at the end of the challenge! TiV

  2. Bad Luck for Jenny. Although, there are worse websites she could have ended up on.

  3. Lucy said:

    Well, that blew her pleasant evening. Very good angle on the prompt. Lucy

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