A couple sought shelter from the rain under a tree.  They had been walking, not holding hands, getting lost and barely speaking.  They weren’t in love, not yet, but they would be one day.  They were very close.

They had had to run when the rain began, and now they stood under the tree breathing heavily.  The man was bent over, his hands on his knees.  He looked up at the woman, she was leaning against the tree and had already caught her breath.  Her hair and jacket were quite wet.  He straightened up and walked over to her.
“You’re wet.” he said.
“Your observant.” she said.  He smiled and looked out at the rain.
“Will you hug me, even though I am wet?” she said.  He hugged her, and her hair smelt lovely when it was wet.  He told her so.
“Do you think you might love me, one day?” she said into his ear.
“I think I might.”
“You think you might?”
“Just about.” He was smiling and kissed her on her wet forehead.
“Only just?”
“I am fairly sure.” he said.
“Would you love me if I had an accident and had to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life?”
“I think I would.”
“Would you love me of I was only allowed to eat cake for the rest of my life and I became fat?”
“Oh, I think I might.” He thought she was being silly but let her keep asking him her questions.
“Would you love me if you found out we where cousins?”
“I would love you more, first as my lady and then as my cousin, and I love my cousins very much.”
“Would you love me if we had to go to war and I took up on the other side and we killed one another’s platoons?”
“I would still love you then.”
“But you don’t love me now?” she was serious now. and looked at his eyes, looking for honesty.
“I think I might.  I don’t want to say it, I just want to love you for a while first, and enjoy it before either of us know it.”
“I like that, I want that too” she said, and they hugged and kissed and began joking underneath the tree in the grassy field and now they were in love because they had been unafraid and wanted to love each other.

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