“Sure ya know himself, dontcha?” says old Tommy, tapping ash from his pipe.

“Who’s this now?” says Dymphna, his wife, not looking up from her sewing.

“Yer man that, ya know,” Tommy looks around him, checking if there is someone eavesdropping on them in there own sitting room “Lives up in the capital!”

“Lord bless us and save us Tommy, are ya talkin about the Fenlon’s gay child?” Dymphna still hasn’t looked up from her sewing, so doesn’t see the look of shock on Tommy’s face.

“Is it true then, he is a gay?”  Tommy is sitting on the edge of his chair, staring widely at his wife.

Dymphna sigh, puts her sewing on her lap and folds her hands on top of the small pile of soft material.  Looking at Tommy she says “Why, Tommy, are you so interested?  I think he has a boyfriend, you know, in case that’s what your after.”

Tommy begins busying himself with his pipe, wiping out the last remnants of the old ash with the edge of his sweater.  “Just curious, just regular old curious.” he mumbles.  Dymphna, of hears him, but decides she has poked him enough for today, and also that she has sewn enough for the day.  She picks up her sewing and puts it away in the closet.  She thinks about making a joke about old things living in the closet, but doesn’t think old Tommy will know what she is talking about, so instead she asks him does he want anything from the shop, which he doesn’t.

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