“You ought not tease him so, Bobby.  Won’t do the child any good.”

“You ought not stick your beak in where it ain’t wanted, Trevor.  He is my son, my boy, I will raise him as I want.  ‘Sides, its good fer him to know that the world is cruel.”

“But his daddy don’t need to be cruel.  Surely its good for him to see that there is kindness and love too?”

“That’s what his mammy is fo’ now hush up, I wanna see what he does now.”

Bobby pretended to throw the ball and his son looked around for where it might have landed.  It is still in Bobbys hand.  The child starts to cry in frustration.  Bobby laughs and then hands him the ball.

“Here is the ball you big wuss.  Don’t you know that cryin’ won’t do you no good?”

Trevor doesn’t point out that crying got the ball to the child.  He only hoped that the boys mother has a better grasp of what raising a child means.


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