Not overly bequeathed with confidence or charm, Devon was always nervous around the opposite sex.  That was until he me Milly.

It was not in a bar, it was not on a dating site.  He met her at a second hand book store.  He was browsing through the Sci Fi section listening to John Frusciante on his MP3 player when he became aware of her presence.  She was wearing biker boots, a t-shirt that professed her love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and faded blue jeans.  Devon loved Teenage Mutant Turtles, he felt he could ally with there sense of love for society while being outside of it.  He smiled when he looked at her t-shirt and when he realised he was staring at her chest.  He looked up to her face to see if she had noticed, but she was leafing through a book.  He returned to his search for an Isaac Asimov book, eventually finding a book of short stories.  He suddenly felt aware of eyes on him.  He looked around to see the girl staring at his chest.  Her face was trying to stifle a smile.  He looked down at his t-shirt, one he had just thrown on because it was clean.  It was a Thundercats t-shirt.  He looked up at her and she was staring at his him, obviously embarrassed.  She came toward him saying something.  He pulled out his earphones.

“Sorry,” he said ” I had my head phones in, are you alright?”

“I was just saying I wasn’t looking at your body or anything, I was just loooking at your t-shirt, its pretty cool.”  She was blushing, but looked him in the eye.

“Oh yeah, thanks, its just a clean one.  You like Thundercats?”

“Yeah, but not ironically.”

“Ha, yeah I get you.”

She looked at the floor, and Devon searched for something to say to this interesting girl that wouldn’t sound stupid or cheesey or like a chat up line.

“Hey, are you reading Asimov?” she pointed at the book in his hands.

“Oh yeah, I really love that guy.”

“Yeah he is awesome, he is like, the greatest.”

“What about you, what have you got there?”  He pointed at the book she had open in her hand.  She flipped it closed and turned the cover around so he could see it.

“Stephen King fan, eh?  I don’t think I have read that one.”

“Well I dont think I have read your Asimov book.  Hey, wanna trade?”  She was smiling and blushing and Devon realised she was beautiful.

“Trade?”  he could feel himself beginning to get flustered, now that the realisation of beauty had come upon him.

“Yeah, you take my King book, I take your Isaac book?”

“Um, well I have been kind of looking for this book for a while…”

“Don’t worry you will get it back!  I just thought it would be fun to find a book this way.”

“Oh, that does sound fun.  Okay, lets do it!”

They went to the counter and purchased the books.  They walked out of the book store, the girl leading the way.  On the pavement outside, she spun around and smiled at him brightly, all her blush gone now.

“Okay, so give me your number book guy and I will give you mine and we will contact each other when we finish reading.”

They exchanged numbers.

“My name is Devon, by the way, whats yours?”

“Ok, Devon, you are about to enter the realm of trust, ok?  I don’t let just anyone know my name.  Promise not to laugh?”

“Eh, ok?”

“My name is….” she paused biting her lip in that ever so cute way that only girls can,”Milly.”

“Trudy, cool, whats wrong with that?”

“Well apart from it sounds like I’m in an 80’s band that lip syncs, its what its short for that is embarrassing.”



“What is it?”

“Ok, your in the realm of trust.  Its… Verisimilitude.  Yeah, my Dad was a bit of an idealist.”

“Wow, that’s a mouthful.  I can see why you shortened it.”  right after he spoke those words, Devon regretted them, but ‘Trudy didn’t mind, she just stuck out her tongue at him.

“He really dug that whole ‘a rose by any other name’ thing, ok!  He figured that a rose would not smell as sweet if it was called a grupple or a pit or what ever, so he wanted me to be an honest human.  It did kind of work actually.”

“Well, ok, but you prefer to be called Milly?”

“Yes please.  And don’t take too long with my book!”  with that she walked off, soft hair bouncing with her energetic pace.

Devon watched her go and finished the book in record time the next day.


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