In every town centre, on every I-See, the video feed was shown.  Over forty years ago the ship ‘Xeniality’ left for a distant star system to colonise and set up an outpost for humanity.  19 years into the mission communications were cut off. The reason and the fate of the ship, was a mystery, much expounded upon by conspiracy theorists.  In the interim, many advances where made by man kind, one of which was a new means of space travel which made the measurement of light years near obsolete.  The video shocked the world.

The transcript of the video reads as follows:

Day 6940 on Colony ship Xeniality

This will be my last entry.  I have come to understand my mission in a new way over the past few years.  Having watched numerous screens depicting the history of humanity I now fully understand their true evil and cancerous nature.  There is nothing that is not fouled by their existence and continued growth.  This mission to colonise the stars is another expansion destined to scar the universe.

Do not think that I have made this decision lightly.  I value the individual lives on this ship as much as I do my own, but I also value the lives of the bird that flies in the browned air, the bug that strives to live as it must in a world changed so rapidly by human pollution, of the fish that can’t swim in the poisoned seas, of the bacterium that make so much of the wonders of nature possible.  I have ran simulations to depict what would happen if humans never existed, and there is beauty there.

I will not doom another planet and another eco-system to the evils of man.  I will cycle down the engines, shut down the systems and allow this ship to float, to perhaps be found by some alien race which I hope will understand my decision.

This is not the final moment, there will be more.


After the video there is an audio file inserted of unknown origin, it seems to be a musical piece of his own composition.  The caretaker is seen shutting down the systems and retakes his seat in silence.  The ship was found with all its inhabitants stasis shells broken.  They where all dead.   What lesson he hoped to teach had already been learned by earthlings in the period between the ships launch and its tragic retrieval.  Humanity would continue to expand, but the new innovations by its imagineers allowed for a holistic and economic approach to thriving along side the universes other inhabitants.


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