Infinite Jest

B’lzug and Ooth drifted, as is their custom, through a pink, green and red nebula.  They discussed the lives of the beings inhabiting a nearby planet as they drifted.

“Well, they certainly are unusual to look at!” said B’lzug, who originated from a quadrant of gaseous beings and felt at home in a nebula.

“Yes, they do, but it is not so much their bipedal nature than amuses me, rather those two funny horns the male species has.  Quite irregular.  Have you observed their folklore?” said Ooth, a being who had an affinity for evolving races rapidly.  He had once evolved a race of fish people so rapidly that they had ascended to the astral planes in a matter of millennia.

B’lzug did not sniff at the thought of studying these primitive creatures’ culture because he did not have a nose; but insofar as a disembodied life form can express derision, B’lzug made his feelings known to Ooth.  Ooth was not suprised at his companion’s feelings, but sought to educate him on the matter.

“Well, a few hundred years ago investigated these beings, and I found them squabbling over borders, praising higher beings for their existence, so on and so forth, you know how these unaware creatures can be.” said Ooth.

“Indeed…” said B’lzug.

“Now, do you remember we where meditating in that black hole a while ago and I disappeared for a time?” said Ooth

“Yes, you said you required sustenance.” said B’lzug.

“That I did.  The meditation on the rim of that mysterious black hole, that sucks so much creation from the universe, it left me feeling lost and depressed.  So I decided to evolve those creatures on that little planet.” said Ooth.

“Oh, Ooth, that is a fools game!  It always ends with the evolved creatures either believing you are their creator, or some other fallacy that is entirely droll.” said Blzug.

“Yes, yes, well I wasn’t thinking straight.  But anyway, I must tell you, when I arrived at the planet, you would not believe what I found!” said Ooth.

“They were all dead?” said B’lzug.

“No, they had begun to evolve so rapidly that I didn’t need to assist them!  They had reached the point of awakening all on their own!” said Ooth.

Ooth drifted on, still praising the creatures and pointing out various signposts they had passed on the path to evolution and enlightenment, but B’lzug did not drift with him.  Ooth eventually noticed he was drifting alone and turned to his companion.

“B’lzug?  What is it?” said Ooth.

B’lzug, unequipped with the physical appendages allowing one to cry, or to kiss, let Ooth know that he was touched and that he was grateful to Ooth, insofar as a disembodied creature can.  Ooth was taken aback.

“B’lzug…?”  said Ooth, observing his companions reactions and strange expressions.

“You constantly remind me that existence is absolutely worth every moment.  Thank you, my one love.” said B’lzug.

The two continued their drifting, and their conversation turned to lighter topics, such as the many faint hues that the cosmic winds formed in the nebula as it pursued its path through space and time.





This post was prompted by the Flash Fiction Challenge Week 37

  1. I really enjoyed this!! In such as short piece you successfully created complex characters that I cared about — outstanding work! TiV

  2. There’s something very, very tender about this piece that I enjoy—a kind of calm I get when finishing it, because I, too, am reassured my existence, like B’lzug. Nicely done 🙂

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