T-Shirt Designs

For about a year or two I have been designing images to go on t-shirts, just for myself, not for sale or anything like that.  I hate most t-shirt prints, I find them cluttered and silly.  So I decided, why not make my own?  Here are the ones I have designed so far :~)


Manly Pandas

Panda full

Panda zoom












This is the first t-shirt I made.  I was in a band called Manly Pandas and everyone knows you haven’t made it until you have your own t-shirts!

Funny story behind the name of the band actually, we had a Chinese  drummer and he said he wanted to have the band name make  sense in both Chinese and English.  I asked him what the Chinese for Manly Panda was and he said “Kung Fu Panda”.  Now, while his credentials as a China-man are not in doubt, that just makes no damn sense.

I learned a lot of things from making this t-shirt, such as do plenty of drafts before committing to permanent marker on the actual t-shirt!  This panda guy is a little lob sided, and the colour has washed into the white a little, but I still wear it fairly regularly.



Ying Yang Yong full

Ying Yang Yong zoom












I have had this image in my head for years and years!  I have thought about getting a tattoo of it, but figured I would be better putting it somewhere less permanent first!  While most people are familiar with the Yin Yang image, I have found that few are familiar with this Yin Yang Yong image.  So while I claim no originality on the concept (there are plenty of examples on the web) I do feel some ownership to the image, as so few are familiar with it.

The intrepid reader will notice that my blog is called TRIfectumblog, and further notice that there Yin Yang Yong symbol contains three aspects to it. Body, mind, and soul/spirit?  Father, son, and Holy Spirit?  Meh, I think it looks cool anyway.

There is supposed to be three colours, (red, blue, and yellow) but I don’t have a yellow permanent marker at the moment.  As with most of these t-shirts, they are update-able in terms of colour, and often require re-colouring due to washing and fading.



Honor zoom

Honor full












This t-shirt is the first one that I really spent time on.  The design is based on a robot that I had been building (more on that at a later date).

There are still problems here in terms of proportions being off, and other things in relation to actual drawing skills, but the biggest problem is that the image is not in the center of the t-shirt.  A graphic design friend pointed out that I could balance this out by inserting text alongside the length of the image.  I decided not to, because I prefer my t-shirts to be as plain as possible with as little writing as  possible.

I actually grew to enjoy the tilt on the image, and when I wear it with a slightly open shirt or jumper it looks like the robot is peering from behind one side of the shirt, and adds character to the little fellow.

Chicks dig it.


Wug Life

Wug Life full

Wug Life zoom












The first non-white t-shirt!  My friend Angela designed the Wug itself, and I made this t-shirt to wear on days in which we had poetry class together, which I did for about 7 months.  The word ‘Wug’ comes from some sort of psychology thing, but Angela appropriated the word and drew this funny little creature, saying that the Wug hates poets (Angela was hating poets at the time).

I also wrote a limerick for that poetry class all about a Wug:
There once was a creature called a Wug
Who would never give a poet a hug
It would much rather devour
The whole rotten shower
And that is the story of a Wug!

Our poetry lecturer seemed to like it!

The colour on this one fades a lot, so requires touching up about once a month.


Christmas Time

Christmas Time full

Christmas Time zoom












I don’t really like this one as much as the others, but sure I made it so might as well throw it in here too.  Obviously not an original design, I made it because I was going to a Christmas party thing and needed to wear a Christmas jumper.  Being a cheap bum that I am, and a big fan of Adventure Time, I decided to make this!

This is the only long sleeve I have done so far, and while the colours have faded and the lines are not as straight as they could be, I am pretty happy with it.  I will probably touch it up for next Christmas, add some characters underneath the lettering, or maybe on the back.



Octothorpe full

Octothorpe zoom












My newest creation, and the most complicated of the lot.  I’m a bit of a twitter addict, and when I found out that the correct term for the ‘#’ symbol is ‘octothorpe’  I immediately thought of an octopus straddling a hashtag holding a torpedo.  Seemed pretty obvious to me, but a quick googled showed that no one else had drawn anything like this.  So at last, an original idea!  I showed a couple of preliminary sketches around to friends and they all thought it was cool.  The initial concept would have had the octopus holding a torpedo in one tentacle, but I think that having it straddle the rocket is cooler.

I will probably add a bit more colour to it, maybe adding flames to the rocket’s tail, or some colour to the ‘#’ symbol itself.


So that’s the t-shirts I have designed so far.  I am out of ideas at the moment, but I’m sure some will toddle along, as they do at 3 am, which is the whole point of 3 am, I think.

  1. How about making one featuring the Midnight Chocolate Cowboy? 🙂

    • Now that is a good idea! Unfortunately I am not sure what he looks like, and can’t really draw people…

      • They draw him as a monster potato 😀 I believe in you, draw people as you see them :v

      • Check your snapchat there ;~)

      • My phone doesn’t allow snapchat? :v The internets don’t work on it :O

      • Och, well, shoot! Tried a few renditions of MCC, but none worked out, that was all. Just don’t have a good image in my head of what he is. There is probably purple there, but dunno in what shape :~o

      • Noodle like? Is he noodle like in shape?

      • Ha! I dunno from noodle, I will have some noodles at 3 am and see if that sparks something in my brain :~)

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