I signed up for this really interesting blogging challenge, its called A-Z Challenge!  The concept is to blog for a letter of the alphabet every day in April, except Sundays, this leaves 26 days… perfection!

I decided that I wanted my 26 words to mean something when collected together, so I tried to make a poem just using those words, and as I add a blog each day I will make each of these words a link to the corresponding post, cos I’m just a wizard like that…  Then each word will inspire me to a blog post, which may contain themes of the poem and will definitely contain the word as a central part of the tale.  Fun on the bun!


Easy as A to Z

Almost better, can’t decide
Everyone is fine getting high
I just know less…
Mindfulnessnow, oughtpersist!
Quaint really, stupid though,
Unless…. Verisimilitude….
Will xeniality yield zest?


So yeah, that’s my poem…

Cant figure out what the poem is about? No clue what xeniality means? Hit me up on twitter to find out!

  1. Mandy said:

    I love your A-Z poem and idea about using each word as a prompt for your daily post!

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