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It might seem to you
That he hasn’t got a clue
Because he doesn’t know ancient Kings
Or most general things
But his knowledge lies in not
What information he has got
Rather, he knows when he should goAnd look after a friend who is feeling low
Its not fair to say
That there is a better way
His smarts are his own
This is how he has grown.


They filtered into the room, old and young, smart and dumb, all smiling exchanging gentle nods and a few murmured salutations.  It was not necessarily a rule of the class that they didn’t converse, more a tradition.  This was a quiet space for contemplation and attentiveness. Read More

I had to look at myself before I looked at the others.  It was too was to easy to say that they where in the wrong, their life styles invited criticism in an obvious way; they drank to excess, partook in drugs, took sexual partners on a whim and fought with strangers. Read More

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