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We should make love,

Do ya think?

Well,… Don’t you

I don’t think it’ll be wurth it

I can kiss your belly though?

                She lies down, smiling

Are you goin t’ read your book?

I’m reading it, do you want yours?

Oh, you expect me to stay down there a while, is it?

She smiles,

Well, I don’t mind, you know…

she squirms,

Well I’d better have my book then.

She gets his book, they lie down together, he has his head on her stomach, she has her hand on his head, they both read.

How is the book going?

Ah, it’s kind of boring

Is it the vampire one

No, I finished that, this one is about a boarding school, but really it’s about how old people are smart

Oooh, layers!  Do you think I’d like it?

No, not for you I don’t think babe.  What are you reading?

I’m just reading that one I read before, the one you don’t like.  I don’t have anything else to read.

What, that boring one, with the mad dream in the middle?

He blows onto her belly, a burrrffffttt erupts

In the middle yerself, in the middle yerself          burrrffffttt,burrrffffttt





In Memory of Shirley McClure


I can only imagine
what would pass between us
if we sat with our faces touching
and looked in one another’s eyes

I would only be able to smile
I would never stop smiling

That lightness I feel
When your skin touches mine
can only be a warning shot
“Look out! This will be very much!”

Well, I can hardly breathe when it happens,
cant escape the trap of my mind.

Oh, don’t touch me any more.








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