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Working the late shift is always a drag, drunken accidents, difficult patients and general tiredness combining to make for a hard time.  Glen, therefore, is not surprised when he is called to a bar. Read More


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The bar is clean, the last few stragglers have been cleared out and Finn settles down for a night of drinking with the stranger who had come in earlier that night. Read More

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Dave is waiting outside the hairdressers for his wife of 4 years, Mary-Belle.  She told him not to be late, but he was five minutes late.  Despite this, she is not ready, as her hair is still drying in the curlers.  To step out in curlers would be an offense to style and grace that Mary-Belle would never allow.  Read More

Standing outside the betting shop on a cold day, a cup of coffee steaming in a styrofoam cup in one hand and a hand rolled cigarette in the other, Glen is invisible to the people passing by on the busy main street.  He would normally use this as an opportunity for people watching, but on this particular day he has just about had his fill of people. Read More

Algocracy and the Transhumanist Project

The future of governance and values in the post-human era

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